1. Invisalign from your Best Tarzana Dentist!

    Coming into fall means school is starting right back up, and for those that need braces it can be a hard time. Braces are always a little bit embarrassing when you are a teenager, and even when you are an adult. The best Tarzana dentist can offer those in need of tooth alignment Invisalign, a clear dental tray hat helps to straighten teeth that are not too severely misaligned. Your Invisali…Read More

  2. Dental Health=Overall Health; Care from Tarzana Dentist

    Receiving dental care from your Tarzana Dentist is just one more thing you can do to improve and maintain your overall health. Taking proper care of your teeth and gums is necessary in keeping your body healthy. Even in pregnant women it is suggested that your teeth get cleaned early on, and that you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible during your pregnancy as gum disease can have c…Read More

  3. Tarzana Dentist offers Two Options for Whitening

    Coffee, soda, anything with acid or colors in it, age; these are all things that cause teeth to loose the pearly whiteness that makes them "pearly whites". Dr. Simmons, a Tarzana dentist, offers two different whitening solutions to your yellowing teeth. At Tarzana dental office you can get your teeth whitened by bleaching, by using several different techniques(a bleaching material and special li…Read More

  4. Try before you buy at Tarzana Dental Office: Cosmetic Imaging

    With the technology we have today we have the capability to see what we could look like before we make the change. You can see what haircut or new color would look good on you on certain websites, a plastic surgeon can tell you what you will look like after a procedure, at some stores you can see what size and shape of jeans will suit you best, you can see even what a tattoo will look like befor…Read More

  5. Bridges from a dentist, Tarzana: The best option for you?

    Have you begun loosing teeth? Have they been missing for years, or have they recently been knocked out? You might want to start considering your options. A bridge may be your best choice cosmetically and functionally. Missing teeth can affect the way your mouth closes together, which could result in TMD. At Tarzana Dental Office you have the option of removable or fixed bridges, both lasting 10-20…Read More

  6. Dr. Michael Simmons, a Tarzana Dentist dedicated to Expertise

    The field of dental medicine is an ever changing, ever expanding field. The best ways to diagnose and treat, repair and replace, or even correct and clean changes all the time. Dr. Michael Simmons, a Tarzana Dentist, is dedicated to continuing expanding his medical expertise in all areas. He strives to achieve "dentistry in a day", or services in one day to accommodate a busy lifestyle.  He i…Read More

  7. Help your Sleep Disorders with the Best Tarzana Dental Office

    We as humans require a certain amount of sleep to recharge, heal, to recoup. It has been shown that lack of sleep can cause weight gain, depression, memory problems, and even a weakened immune system. The Tarzana dental office is the best Tarzana dental office to help you understand and treat your sleep disorders. Dr. Michael Simmons specializes in treating sleep disorders and can help patients su…Read More

  8. Tarzana Dental Office: Experts in TMD

    TMD, or Temporomandibular disorders, can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful for those suffering from it. But what is it? The lower jaw is connected to the skull by by the temporomandibular joint, so when there is a problem with the muscles of the jaw or tendons cuased by several factors, many uncomfortable symptoms can occur. Such symptoms can include difficulty opening and closing…Read More

  9. Check Out Our New Site!

    Check out our new site! Call (818) 300-0070 to schedule an appointment with the Best Tarzana Dentist!…Read More

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