• dreamstime_7649423For a start, you would want a dentist who is highly ethical
  • You would want a dentist with great training
  • You would want a dentist who has a great reputation with both colleagues and patients alike
  • You would want someone who is committed to the field of dentistry
  • You might also want a dentist that is on the cutting edge of their field offering up to date procedures and technology in a comfortable zen like facility
  • You might appreciate a dentist with extra skills in pain management
  • You would like a dentist who is a leader in the field
  • You could also appreciate a dentist who explains things well to you
  • And of course: You might be interested is someone that really cares

In all these aspects Dr. Michael Simmons is not only qualified but excels.

For example:

  1. Dr. Simmons was the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for 3 years for the Local Dental Society, which includes about 1300 dentists. Previous to the position as chairman, he also served on the ethics committee and has received extra training in this capacity.
  2. Dr. Simmons received his dental degree from the Ivy League Dental School at the University of Pennsylvania. After practicing as a dentist for 5 years he received additional post-doctoral training at both UCLA’s Dental and Medical School. Dr. Simmons continues to get continuing education on a frequent basis along with his own teaching of other professionals both in the local dental schools and to many dental and dental specialty societies across the U.S.
  3. Dr. Simmons has been elected to many leadership positions by his peers and now serves on the Executive Boards of his Local Dental Society, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep Apnea Association. Dr. Simmons teaches at both UCLA and USC’s dental schools. He was invited to and presented information to the California Dental Association’s Policy Development Council in Sacramento on several occasions to help guide future health care policy decisions in California’s dental community. Dr. Simmons has many rave reviews by patients of all ages thanking him for his great care.
  4. Dr. Simmons is committed to dentistry in:
    • Continued Learning: Where he takes many hours of advanced education each year so as to provide all his patients with up to date care
    • Teaching Others: Lecturing around the country and to the local dental schools
    • Research: Publishing original research in peer reviewed journals to advance the field of dentistry for his and all other patients. Dr. Simmons has won several awards for his original research.
  5. By continuing to further his post doctoral education in many areas of dentistry Dr. Simmons demonstrates his continued commitment to providing great care to his patients. Dr. Simmons has high technology with up to date equipment including in office Cad Cam computer milling of dental crowns and onlays, digital X ray imaging and even some of the latest cone beam 3D imaging equipment. The facility is beautiful, spacious, clean and zen like.
  6. Dr. Simmons completed a formal Pain Management Fellowship at UCLA’s School of Medicine. He continues to stay abreast of pain management research employing pain management techniques and is frequently sought after by other doctors and dentists to help care for their patients. When indicated Dr. Simmons provides dentistry under oral sedation and there is also the option of having dentistry under general anesthetic provided by an anesthesiologist.
  7. Dr. Simmons has proven his leadership in Dentistry in many ways as listed above and also for example as Guest Editor of the California Dental Association Journal where in February 2012 several of his manuscripts and collaboration were published and distributed to over 25,000 California dentists.  Dr. Simmons was also instrumental in developing a life saving outreach program by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to reducing dangerous driving through the program of Dentists Against Drowsy Driving. In addition to all this, Dr. Simmons has published in National and International peer reviewed journals as the lead author.
  8. Dr. Simmons loves explaining treatments and options to patients. This is part of his commitment to sharing his knowledge and teaching others. He went as far as writing a children’s book to help children understand some of the issues associated with snoring and sleep apnea.(9) In conclusion, you really want a dentist that cares and Dr. Simmons demonstrates this time and again on a daily basis. Just read the glowing reports and testimonials by other patients. We invite you to our office to experience the great care we provide. In fact, independently run research by the Daily News on best businesses in the San Fernando Valley has resulted in Dr. Simmons being voted as Favorite Dentist in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

All this might sound too good to be true. Check us out on the internet or better still, come see for yourself.